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Vzw Ubuntu Achtkanter is part of an Inclusive Social Network Enterprise: Groep Ubuntu x 8K, since 2019 being a merger organisation of VZW den Achtkanter, Kortrijk and VZW Groep Ubuntu, Zwevegem. The goals of the social network enterprise are to realize impact on different levels:

Vzw Ubuntu Achtkanter is active in the field of disability;  the complete Network Enterprise is in addition active in the field of social economies and employment and the field of inclusive child care. Services are related to  daycare services, supported employment and training towards regular employment, sheltered and autonomous living, free time, mobility, personal training, therapy, education and rehabilitation. 

The Network Organisation has about 600 staff members, and 2000 persons who are calling on the services of the network. The main target groups of the Vzw Ubuntu Achtkanter are: adults with intellectual disability, with a dual diagnosis, autism, sensorial impairment.

The organisation established strategic alliances with other fields, especially in the domain of employment, mental health, elderly care and home care, in order to be able to organize  - in an intersectoral way - a holistic support system. By doing this the organisation can fully concentrate on 'handicap', 'disability' or 'barrier'-specific expertise.

The organisation has specific expertise in fostering the employability of adults with an intellectual disability. Since 40 years, both organisations that  recently created the new Vzw Ubuntu Achtkanter, considered employment and any active contribution to society as a cornerstone for social inclusion. For all clients, the organisations created a continuum of social relevant day activities and support systems, always aiming to realize an visible social and/or economic added value for the client and the social environment. This was and is done intra or extra  muros, always individualised, always with the intention to develop a 'professional identity', and always with a dynamic, growth oriented approach. Presuming competence is the starting point: people with an intellectual disability, even very low functioning people have potential and talents. Let's start, belief in a good outcome, and we see where we are arriving... No restrictions at the beginning (also not when they are 'officially' not able to work).

Workshops within a safe environment of an organisation, with variations in the degree of difficulty of the things produced or services offered, for one person one hour a day, for another one or several days a week is a basis for a growth path to working or contribution as a volunteer, supported employment or a paid job.

To realise this ambition, the support is very well planned and methodological based on the supported employment method. However, a significant difference with the 'traditional' supported employment methodology, is the focus on transversal skills (e.g. problem solving etc...). A methodology to train these skills has been developed - Mediational interventions (first publication by Acco Leuven, 2002 - Medierend agogisch handelen) and later, adapted for adults with a traumatic brain injury (Breinbreker, Acco Leuven, 2011).

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